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Photo Albums
Photos from 2012 Cruise In at Janes Saddlebag
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 March 2013 )
General Photos from 2012 Season at Janes Saddlebag
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 March 2013 )
Jammin at Janes held at Janes Saddlebag
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 March 2013 )
Sitting in the back of the Hayride at Birthday Party held at Janes Saddlebag
Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 May 2009 )
Live Music at Janes Saddlebag
Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 May 2009 )

Petting Zoo

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The Petting Zoo is open from 11am-5pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 
 Petting zoo will be CLOSED in rainy weather.







JSB welcomes "Dumbledore" our new Pygmy buck who will be a father this spring.

JSB will be expecting baby goats in the Spring for our Zoo Babies addition 2014!




Our new additions include 9 month old Tennessee Walking Horse Django, a solid black stallion with a great temperament. 

Django will be a great addition to the Jane’s petting zoo and cannot wait to meet all of the visitors this year that come to see him!!!


Baby Doll Sheep Smile


These adorable baby doll sheep will also make a great addition to the Jane’s petting zoo, they are miniature sheep that love lots of attention.

Because of the way their features are it looks like they smiling all of the time, they cannot wait for you to come and visit them at Jane’s this year!!

Jane's Saddlebag offers an awesome Petting Zoo for our guests to visit. We have a variety of fury friends for you to visit with and pet during your visit to Jane's.

Our petting zoo family includes a herd of Boer Goats of all sizes and colors including Billy our male goat with black and white markings that was born at Jane’s 8 years ago. As a baby, Billy was the little goat that wouldn’t give up. He died several times after he was born but kept coming back to life and today he is a healthy large male goat who loves to be loved on.

We also have two sister goats at Jane’s white with brown heads. They are the only 2 goats left of the original herd that Jane’s started with. They are gentle and friendly and love to be rubbed.

Miniature Donkey DominicOur Miniature Donkey is named Dominic who loves attention and usually hangs out with his girlfriend our Pony TeeTee. Although Dominic is small, he thinks he is as big as the other horses and you can usually find him hanging out with the big horses. Dominic has a tendency to nudge your foot when you stop petting him, so make sure you give Dominic lots of love.

Our Pony TeeTee is a Paint Pony with one blue eye and one brown eye. She has a spunky personality and if she is in the front field she will be one of the first animals to walk up to you to say hi!

Our Paint/Pertron Horse, Satchel, is now the oldest of the horses and also the largest standing over 17 hands! Satchel is our gentle giant and loves to eat!

Llama GracieOur Llama, Gracie has been at Jane’s now for 2 seasons and is the most gentle and friendly Llama we have had in years, she will also be one of the first animals to walk up to you when you enter the petting zoo. She loves small kids and also loves it when guests blow into her nose when she comes close to you and she will come right up to your face to check you out. Gracie is super friendly and curious about all who come to visit her at Jane’s.

Our Pot Belly Pig, Miss Piggy, is our Bi Polar Pot Belly Pig. She tends to be moody depending on the time of day and depending on if she is hungry or not. She has her own pin and house that she stays in but if you walk up to her pin and call her she will waddle out of her house to say hi and check you out.

Watoosie Cow ZoeyOur Watoosie Cow, Zoey, has been at Jane’s now for 7 seasons. Zoey was bottle fed by humans since she was born. She thinks that she is a dog and super friendly. She forgets that she has HUGE horns on top of her head (and you have to be careful when she swings her head because of her horns), but she loves to be rubbed behind her head on her neck. Visit Zoey in her own stable area next to Miss Piggy. 

Our Great Peraniese/Shepard mix, Xenia, has been at Jane’s now for eight seasons and she watches over ALL of the animals in the petting zoo. Xenia will keep any animals out of our petting zoo that do not belong there or that could do harm to our animals. She sleeps most the day and stays up most the night on guard. Xenia will also be one of the first to come say hi to you when you come into the petting zoo. She loves to stand in between your legs while you're petting her and has been known to walk right up between your legs while you’re walking through the petting zoo.

Our two Barbados Sheep are beautiful smaller sheep with huge horns. Our male looks like a Ram. While they are beautiful to look at, they are very shy and usually keep a short distance from you.

The Petting Zoo is open from 11am-5pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Petting zoo will be CLOSED in rainy weather. 



In Loving Memory of Tokey

In December of 2012 we lost one of our star attractions at the Jane’s Saddlebag petting zoo, Tokey, our beloved 30 year old paint horse passed away. She has been with the Blackmore family since she was a baby and was the main character in the children’s book that Nancy Blackmore wrote that is still on display at Jane’s Saddlebag. Tokey was in multiple parades throughout her life, visited the Kentucky State Senate and was a gentle giant who loved attention and all of the visitors that came to see her at Jane’s every year. This was a true loss for Jane’s and Tokey will be sorely missed but will forever be remembered as the star of the Jane’s Saddlebag petting zoo.

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